Valve and CSGO Lotto Owners Sued For ‘Illegal Gambling’

In light of recent events, YouTubers Trevor Martin (TMartn) and Thomas Cassell (Pro Syndicate), are under legal allegations concerning illegal gambling taking place on their website. They were added to a suit against Valve, the creators of Counter Strike, who are being sued for letting these things take place.

The Southern District of Florida has received two complaints regarding Valve and CSGO Lotto, which came from an anonymous parent of a child who used one of these gambling sites. The suit accuses Valve of allowing Steam users to link their accounts to these third-party websites that let underage children gamble their gun skins. Valve, according to the defendant, has knowingly let a gambling market operate where underage players can gamble using their weapon skins as chips.

Martin and Cassell own CSGO Lotto and have been recently caught up in a scandal of their own. The two YouTubers, who have over 10 million subscribers combined, have been making videos of themselves winning big on their site without disclosing that they are the owners. This in and of itself is illegal, yet they are also being accused of altering the outcomes of their own bets to make better videos and to promote their website. H3H3 Productions on YouTube has more:

In an apology video posted yesterday, Martin explained that he, “does not condone minors under the age of 18 to use CSGO Lotto,” which is true, if you look at terms of service for CSGO Lotto. While children can lie about their age quite easily on the internet, many other gambling sites have no such restrictions, which is a big legal no-no. While this will make a harder case for the defendant, CSGO Lotto and Valve both have long roads ahead.

We’ll keep you up to date as this story continues on the next episode of CSGO Fiascos.