Evolve’s Move Into Free-to-Play Finally Gets it a Player Base

Turtle Rock Studios’s Evolve has seen a massive uptick in player engagement since going free-to-play two days ago.

According to Steam Charts, Evolve (now rebranded as Evolve Stage 2) saw a dramatic increase in player count once the free-to-play update went live, going from 605 players online to nearly 12,000 just four hours later. Since then, it’s only grown further, with¬†numbers steadily over 20,000 players today. Evolve Stage 2’s 24-hour peak player count is currently at nearly 25,000 concurrent players online, which is just shy of its all-time peak of 27,403 from February 2015 when the game originally launched.

It’s a pretty impressive jump, but of course, it remains to be seen whether those players will actually stick around.