‘You’ll Need These’ to Play PlayStation VR Games

The first boxes have been revealed for PlayStation VR games, showing off how Sony will message the new requirements to consumers. Each box will sport a ribbon at the top to advertise their virtual reality capabilities.

Best Buy updated its store pages for Guerrilla Games’s RIGS: Mechanized Combat League and London Studio’s PlayStation VR Worlds with new box art. As you can see below, there’s a new strip at the top that says “PlayStation VR Game” and a “You’ll Need These” message in the middle with a picture of the headset and camera combo to denote the virtual reality requirement.


The PAL version of PlayStation VR games, however, seem to have a bit more explanatory text, making the distinction between games that are simply VR-compatible and the ones that require a PlayStation VR kit.


On the compatible side, you no longer get the “You’ll Need These” image, either.