Screenshot Saturday Featuring Serious Sam, Cranks & Goggles, Eleven More

Screenshot Saturday is all about the new.  New images, new information, new games, and a huge cascade of data to sift through as the images keep pouring in.  This feature pulls twelve pictures plus a bonus from the pile, but there are hundreds more worth looking at if you want to experience it directly.  There are a ton of worthy shots that can’t fit in here, and who knows what a little exploration might turn up?  In the meantime, as usual don’t neglect letting the animated shots actually animate, because they’re far more fun when you get to see what they’re hoping to show.

Endless Wave-  Go surfing forever as a giant voxelized wave pushes you along.  It wouldn’t be much of an ocean without the occasional shark to keep it interesting, and this little clip shows it frolicking along on a break between chowing down on one surfer and the next.

Moeblob Adventure-  Ultra-cute platformer starring a little blue blob who activates things by booping them with her blobbiness.  It was originally made for LowRez Jam, so the viewing area is tiny, but the mazes aren’t so complicated that you can’t find your way through with a little attention to where you’re going.

Cranks & Goggles-  Low-poly racer from an era when cars had all the stability of a tower of jello and airbags were the things that kept the zeppelins aloft.  Race courses were designed by taking existing roads and cordoning them off for the day, resulting in races through the streets of lovely little towns like this.

The World is Flat- Geography training game where you need to find the required places at a decent speed in order to keep the run going.  It’s a simple but very effective concept, as anyone who’s ever gone from barely poking around the edges of a crafting system to diving 15 menus deep to make the perfect sword could attest.  Practice and reward combine to teach a system, and in this case it’s actual useful information.

Beacon- Stylish sci-fi action roguelike where you’re trying to escape the planet your ship crashed on.  You’ve only got the one life, or course, but the cloning machine survived the crash unharmed so there’s always the opportunity to try again.  Not only that, you get alien DNA from defeated monsters and can use it to graft on new abilities at the start of the next run.  This shot isn’t the typical gameply view, unfortunately, but it does show off the excellent art design.

Text Adventure-  Point & click adventure game where the art is made of text, and the shape is defined by brightness levels.  A creepy old house will be made of text saying “creepy old house”, or a cage will tell you it’s a cage because all the words its made of are “cage”.  It’s a fun art style that makes it hard to not know what you’re looking at.  The game is currently on Greenlight looking for votes, but probably won’t need them for long.

Unnamed-  Transportation game with voxel terrain with a bit of Factorio thrown in for good measure.  Mine resources, set up conveyor belts to bring it to storage, then build trains to bring it to town.  At the moment this is incredibly early, so it’s probably going to get nicely complicated as it develops, but it’s already got an inviting, appealing look to its world.

None-  No game involved, just a really cool voxel dog being happy about a butterfly.

Over My Dead Body (For You)-  A scientist forced to work for an evil corporation hit the jackpot of undead curses by becoming both a ghost and a zombie.  Now she’s teaming up with herself to escape, with body and soul controlled by a thumbstick apiece.  The original prototype is available at Gamejolt and there’s also a Greenlight for the pending updated version.

Guts and Glory-  Race through extremely hazardous courses that will more often than not result in the hideous dismemberment of all involved.  The vicious brutality is an equal opportunity offender regardless of age or gender, so maybe it’s not a good idea to have the daughter in the back seat of the car.  On the plus side, everyone’s a giant blood-filled ragdoll meatbag when the saw blades get fired up, which makes failure all the more gorily fun.

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour- Serious Sam is no stranger to showing up in officially licensed indie games, and Bogus Detour sees him in a top-down pixel-art shooter.  All the baddies from the main games are there to be taken down in either single or multiplayer, complete with a split-screen option, and secrets are hidden everywhere.  Basically it’s looking exactly like Serious Sam 2D should be.

Crystal Flux-  Snowboard through procedurally-generated caves and canyons, picking up one type of crystal while shooting others out of the way.  The speed of the course is determined by the tempo of the music, and pickups are synched to the beat.

Bonus Image-

Kaiju Crush- Ok, I’ll grant the reason I’m posting this one is for what it made me picture in my head, rather than the image itself or having read the description.  I now want to play a game where teenage giant monsters chase each others’ affections in a visual novel-style adventure, then the action takes over as they go on dates in cities around the world, trying to impress each other by trashing the place while also working with their date to ensure they both have a great time.