Valve Issuing Big Fixes for Team Fortress 2’s Casual Mode

Valve’s recently launched “Casual Mode” for its everlasting, ever-popular Team Fortress 2 was met with muted response from its community, so the developer has issued some big fixes for the most glaring problems.

Casual Mode added standard matchmaking for players who’d rather just sit back and pop into a random game rather than searching through a server browser. It was a smart update, but its implementation was flawed, Valve recognized. The developer detailed in a post on its official blog some fixes that have been added to the game, as well as further fixes coming down the line. Here’s Valve’s short version of the fixes:

Short version: We hear you. Later today, we will be shipping a patch to Casual Mode that will remove the penalties for abandoning a game, and allow you to narrow your game mode selections from two modes to a single mode before queuing. Additionally, in the very near future, we will be shipping a more comprehensive Casual Mode patch that will let you select the maps you will be matched into.

You can read a more detailed breakdown in the full post, but that’s about the long and short of it: queue times should be shorter now, you should be able to join and leave games as you’d want in a casual mode, you’ll have more options to select and new flair to show off.

It’s pretty impressive how much work Valve has put into Team Fortress 2 since it originally released¬†in 2007. Here’s to hoping they’ll support it for a full decade.