Super Boss Gaiden Released for SNES and SNES-CD

Homebrew games are nothing new, but it isn’t often we see them released for unreleased hardware. However, Super Boss Gaiden isn’t “just” a game you can play on a real SNES using a flash cart – it’s also playable on the SNES-CD/SNES PlayStation system as well as on any emulator you so desire. The OUYA’s SNESx emulator works fine, as does SNESx on a PC that trumps it. The core game is very much like River City Ransom, with a bit of Mega Man-style artwork thrown in. It’s a fun romp that you can download here and get both a SNES ROM and one that will play via the SNES CD functionality on No$ as well.

Super Boss Gaiden (J) (V1.0)008