Super Smash Bros. Inspired Brawlout Reveals with Fistful of Glory

A new challenger approaches in the form of Brawlout, a platform fighting game from the developers at Angry Mob Games. The trailer shows of the style and pace you can expect from this brand new IP!

Brawlout will feature local multiplayer, 8 player online matches, tournament modes and a solo campaign. The game was inspired by Super Smash Bros. so if you’re at all familiar with that franchise then you should feel right at home. Characters battle it out on a platform until there is only one fighter standing! Use evolution and customized characters to gain the advantage during a battle. There will also be a rage meter filling up over the course of a match that will make your brawler much stronger.

Brawlout will be releasing in Q1 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you’re attending EVO 2016 be sure to check out the game as it’ll get screen time during The Mix: EVO Indie Showcase.