EU LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 1 Predictions

Seems like the EU LCS is back to it’s usual days of Thursday and Friday so excuse the late posting of these predictions. I had also saw a report that they were switching to new days, but apparently that is either wrong or not taking place this week, but either way here’s where everyone stands going into day one.

1.  G2 Esports (24 pts)

2. Fnatic (21 pts)

3. Splyce (20 pts)

4. H2K (18 pts)

5. Giants (17 pts)

6. FC Schalke 04 (14 pts)

7. Unicorns Of Love (13 pts)

8. Vitality (12 pts)

9. Origen (9 pts)

10. Roccat (8 pts)

I’ve been griping about the Bo2 system in the EU LCS pretty much all split because it’s created a system that’s extremely difficult to judge. When you have teams tie you’re left wondering who’s actually better than who and if the first game was a fluke or vice versa. Yeah that can happen in a Bo3 series and definitely happened in a Bo1 game, but it’s far less likely in the former. That’s what we’re stuck with here and while teams that we believe to be at the top are losing or “tying” with bottom and lower tier teams. Hopefully that doesn’t mess anything up going forward, but regardless here’s the matchups for today and my abysmal overall in the EU LCS. (Overall: 19-31)

  • UOL vs Giants (1-1)
  • G2 vs Splyce (1-1)
  • Roccat vs Vitality (1-1)
  • Origen vs Schalke (0-2)
  • Fnatic vs H2K (1-1)

Feel free at all times to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you think I’m a bumbling idiot then say so, but at least provide why. More importantly if you have any readability issues or know of a better way to structure things feel free to drop a comment as well. Please if you can save me from counting ties as losses I would be super appreciative /cry.