Alone With You Slated for August Release

The game follows your character, the last surviving member of a doomed space colony, that must work in team with their AI companion to escape the planet before it explodes.  More than 12 missions that include conversations and a series of different types of events, you need to be quick if you want to unravel the mystery behind the planet.  You aren’t alone, despite the title, as you have your AI companion as well as four holograms, (who are only holograms because they’ve died in reality.  You come to learn of them and their personalities and can help them by discovering things that they didn’t know about themselves.

The trophies are going to be very narrative driven and will also include a Platinum, great for trophy hunters. new and old.  The game is set to release on August 23 for PS4 and PS Vita.

Check out the trailer for the game below: