Episodic Noir Adventure Game Bear With Me Comes Out on August 8

Notable for being tied as the most popular game to show up over at the Square Enix Collective (tied only with Moonlighter), Bear With Me is a unique point-and click adventure game set in a monochrome film noir world that just so happens to be populated by a 10-year-old girl named Amber, a gravelly ursine detective named Ted E. Bear, and a cast of imaginary friends. And now players will get a chance to see just what mysteries this land of Paper City will hold when the game hits PC on August 8.

As seen in the trailer below, Bear With Me focuses on the story of Amber’s quest to find her missing brother Flint, accompanied by Ted. The game also boasts that it will have an emphasis on horror elements as well as film noir, with a hefty dose of wit and humor still running throughout everything. There seems to be no word yet on how many episodes the game will have, or at what frequency they will be released, but judging by the general acclaim gathered and how good it looks far, Bear With Me appears like it may very well be worth the wait in the end.