Screenshot Saturday Featuring Rise & Shine, Desolus, and Thirteen More

Some Screenshot Saturdays are busier than others, and this week was pure madness.  Hundreds of images are posted each week but it’s usually not quite so tricky to pare it down to a dozen shots, so there’s a couple extra in this selection.  It’s always recommended to leaf through the hashtag to see what doesn’t fit in here that might have caught your interest, but be aware that it’s a very long scroll this time around.  As for this fraction of a percentage of images and animations released this week, the usual recommendation of not neglecting the blue arrows to let the images animate is in full effect.  There’s a lot of fun stuff to see and it’s hard to know what it is if the image doesn’t get a chance to perform.

Simian.interface++ – Colorful little game where you need to twist and rotate the screen to line the shapes up into a specific patter. What’s the pattern? You’ll figure it out as you go. The game includes a pre-built series of levels plus a random generator for once you’ve cleared the main game. You can (and should) play the older web version, but it’s also been released on Steam.

Iota Persi- Solar system simulator, assuming solar systems come with sentient life creating colonies that you can influence. It’s played from a first-person perspective as you fly about the place, trading or fighting with the natives, or foraging on the planets for resources. As the tweet says, the next job is solar system generation. No biggie.

Battle Buggy Glitch- Little arena shooter where a buggy drives around picking up powerups and shooting down tanks and choppers. The big red circles around the helicopters are for testing, so just pretend they aren’t there. Anything looking this vector-graphic-y (it’s a word, feel free to look it up) is always great to discover.

Big Robot VR- Fight a giant armored bear using the Vive controllers as your fists, kind of like Robot Alchemic Drive except with direct punching action instead of approximating it with twin-stick punch control. Alternately you could give those big bear ears a good scratch. Who’s a good bear? Who’s a good silly old bear?

Journey Below-  Pixely action platformer where a knight goes dungeon diving to defeat the usual evil beasts menacing the kingdom.  In addition to the cute art, this animation also shows off the combo counter and its time meter, which should do nice things for trying to maximize the scoring for each run.  The coins are nice to get but that bonus multiplier for monsters doesn’t give a lot of time for backtracking.

Hyper Ultra Astonautics- The actual game plays from a very different perspective, seeing as it’s a multiplayer top-down Asteroids-style shooter, but the photo mode really shows off what’s happening down in the rocky space battlefield.

Four Last Things- Point & click adventure game set in animated versions of classical paintings. This bit is a background detail of a larger scene borrowed from Heironymous Bosch.  It’s an odd little adventure that’s more than happy to borrow from Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam for the animation style, and that also extends to its sense of humor too.  Check out Four Last Thing’s Kickstarter for more details, or at least to see how deep the madness runs.

The Collage Atlas-  There’s no info available on this game but all the art is rendered in pen and ink, which makes for a unique and absolutely gorgeous aesthetic.

Mind the Trap- Competitive/cooperative dungeon-crawling action game where you need to work with friends to escape a trap-filled dungeon but only the mouse with the most cheese actually wins. This animation shows off the difference between a work in progress that doesn’t need any graphic embellishments for gameplay testing purposes and a more advanced version with the art for floors and walls in place.

Rise & Shine- A moment of beauty in the run & gun tribute to gaming that is Rise & Shine. One of this game’s defining features is its highly detailed and well animated art, and it’s good to see it used in both the normal gaming way of making enemies and the explosions they cause look great as well as for more peaceful scenes.

Desolus- A first-person puzzler about manipulating darkness and light to open up pathways through the world.  Light isn’t “good” and dark isn’t “bad”, but rather different aspects of energy, and you can activate an inert dark star with energy from a light sun and vice versa.  Light up all the stars of a certain type and the door opens to the next world, although sometimes this involves hopping between light and dark dimensions to get everything properly activated.  It’s a ridiculously beautiful game.

Unnamed-  Side-scrolling action game where you’re an Egyptian scorpion-woman fighting her way through a platforming adventure with some nicely effective combat moves.  It’s possible that not all characters will be cute and topheavy females, but odds are low.

Hover Cabby-  Well, I know what game jam concept I want to see developed into a full release.

Bonus Image-

Footbrawl Playground- That’s not a bug, that’s a justifiable retaliation for an inappropriate body check.

Bonus Bonus Image-

Pokemon Go-  Yeah, that’s at least 50% of the entire game in that single screen.