Amazon Spain Accidentally Leaks PlayStation 4 NEO Release Date, Price

If Amazon Spain is to be believed, PlayStation 4 NEO is set to launch this October alongside PS VR.

We know PS4 NEO is happening. Sony confirmed the upgraded PS4 is real, but opted to not announce the console at E3 2016. So the big question is when the console will launch, and how much it’s going to cost. Well, we might have just found out.

Amazon Spain recently put up a product page for PS4 NEO, revealing the release date and pricing of the hardware. They quickly took it down, but not before Breaking News was able to grab a screenshot. If Amazon Spain is to be believed, PlayStation 4 NEO will launch October 13 for €399.99. October 13 would likely be a worldwide launch with a U.S. price at $400. The page did not mention the size of the HDD.

If that release date sounds familiar it’s because its the same release date as PS VR. Several rumors have stated that the NEO was created in order to boost the performance of PS VR, and so launching both side-by-side seems like a wise move. Considering how well the original PS4 sold at $400, it seems likely Sony would aim for this pricing again.

Obviously, this needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt. Nothing is official until Sony makes an announcement, which should be soon. With Gamescom (August) and Tokyo Game Show (September) coming up, the company has plenty of time to make the announcement.