Capcom Confirms Dead Rising Games Coming to PS4, XBO, PC

Just a couple of hours after reporting on Dead Rising trophies popping up on Exophase, Capcom has confirmed that not one, not two, but three Dead Rising games are heading to current generation consoles.

Capcom has told Eurogamer, along with Director of Digital Platforms at Capcom, William Bacon, confirming on NeoGAF that not only is the first Dead Rising coming PS4, Xbox One and PC, but Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record will be re-released, as well (although not on PC considering it’s already available).

Whether or not these will be remasters or a ports of the old games is still undetermined, but considering it’s Dead Rising’s ten-year anniversary, this could be a Fable Anniversary situation where the original zombie hack’n slasher is reworked to better accommodate modern expectations.