Wisdom Tree Launches Kickstarter for the Arkade

It is said that thousands of years ago a woman named Eve gave into temptation and tasted the forbidden fruit, banishing humanity from paradise.  During this exile from Eden, man has faced many unspeakable horrors and torments:  disease, war, famine, and Wisdom Tree video games.  During the 1990’s Wisdom Tree released a series of unlicensed Bible themed games for the consoles of the era.  To clarify, their religious content is not what made them bad, they were just not very good games.  Their games typically resembled popular games of the time with a religious makeover and all fun aspects being taken away in the rapture.  One of the standout ones was Super 3D Noah’s Ark, which is basically Wolfenstein 3D except you are Noah armed with a slingshot battling goats and collecting fruit.

Newer generations of gamers have been spared these edutainment titles, but thanks to the magic of Kickstarter, they can be available in one of those new plug and play machines dubbed the Arkade.  My opinion of Wisdom Tree games aside, they have been in business for approximately 25 years and have been successful with the ports of their games to various consoles, though it is doubtful a single one of their games was ever licensed.  That said, this particular Kickstarter campaign is a pretty safe investment as far as the likelihood of the Arkade being released if the funding goal is met, and some of the rewards like the Wisdom Tree library condensed to a Sega Genesis or NES game cart are pretty cool.  So if you are nostalgic for these games or played them as a child and now have children of your own you wish to punish teach them about the Bible, this is an opportunity to do so.