Merge Games Announce Playable Titles at This Year’s EGX

The line-up for this year’s EGX is already underway in its unveiling and UK publisher Merge Games have announced they will be bringing four titles to this year’s show — both recently announced and those making the transition from platform to platform. Sublevel Zero — which finds itself making the leap from its debut on PC last year to consoles — is a first-person rogue-like developed by Sigtrap Games that incorporates six-degree-of-freedom shooter. Alongside this include the pixellated yet tentatively on-edge post-modern Riot: Civil Unrest that let’s you decide to either play the role of the police attempting to reestablish order, or the civilians themselves in what developers IV Productions say will involve some of the World’s most fractious disputes of current society.

A Kickstarter-backed project will also be making its way into public view with developer Rebelephant’s similarly anxious yet darkly humorous point-and-click espionage title, Mainlining — aiming to recapture the blocky, bulky text logs of past point-and-click adventures. Last, but certainly not least — and leaving quite an impression after its outing at E3 this year — Lince Works’ gorgeously cel-shaded stealth title, Aragami rounds off the list and like the others, will be gracing British shores when EGX starts September 22.