The Sitdown: Battlefield 1 is Playable, but is that a Good Thing?

Battlefield 1 caught Call of Duty in a time of franchise fatigue. Even though we’re coming off yet another stellar installment of Activision’s shooter, the internet went into a tizzy when it was revealed that this year’s entry, Infinite Warfare, would again be taking things into the future. Conversely, EA is going back further than it ever has with the latest installment to their blockbuster shooter, with Battlefield 1 taking place during the first World War. While we’ll have to wait to get our hands on the latest CoD, Battlefield 1 is already playable. Steve sits down with Kevin to finds out if the game is living up to the hype, if World War I is indeed a good setting for a shooter and if the game has what it takes to top Call of Duty this year.

And for the full details on the Battlefield 1 Alpha, be sure to check out our preview.

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