Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Available For Free Right Now

Nintendo made a surprise announcement today during their new slice of gameplay from the upcoming 3DS spin-off, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, by stating that the accompanying 3v3 sport title, Blast Ball, is available right now for download on the eShop. What’s more, it’s free. As the game’s producer Kensuke Tanabe explains, Blast Ball was created as a means for players to get to grips with Federation Force’s controls before they commenced the game’s four-player, mission-based campaign.

Blast Ball finds two teams competing over a giant-sized ball by shooting at the spherical target in order to score goals by knocking it into the opponent’s net. Blast Ball originally debuted during Nintendo’s World Championships at E3 2015, though it wasn’t revealed at the time the game was brandished with the Metroid name. Metroid Prime: Federation Force launches on 3DS first in North America on August 19.