Halo Wars 2 Story Vidoc Sets the Galactic Stage

Today the folks over at 343 Studios debuted a Story Vidoc introducing some of the main characters you’ll fight alongside and against in Halo Wars 2 early next year. The video is lengthy enough and features the industry leading cutscenes of Blur Studio.

The story of Halo Wars 2 starts with humanity’s crew waking up after 20+ years of cryosleep. They discover a beacon on The Ark and must investigate the dangers that lie below. The Vidoc sets the stage with two opposing leaders from both sides of the battle. Atriox, a super brute equipped with as much brain as brawn, will lead a splinter formation of the covenant called the Banished. Captain Cutter on the other hand will lead the Spartans on an impossible mission.

Halo Wars 2 will be Xbox Play Anywhere for Xbox One and PC on February 21, 2017. A beta for PC players will be announced in the coming months.