Word-Based Action-Adventure Game Haimrik Announced for Steam

Several games with dialogue-related choices like the Fallout series allow you to solve the majority of your problems using only your words, but rarely do we ever get to see one where literal, physical words are used as the key to getting through everything. Enter Haimrik, a 2D action-adventure game from Colombian developers Below the Game where you will indeed have to pluck out the correct words from the dialogue to advance, as seen in the trailer below announcing its presence on Steam.

Taking place in a medieval fantasy world, Haimrik is the story of the titular scribe and his ability to harness the Power of the Words, which will come in handy on his journey to topple the evil Word Kind and his Word Warriors. Featuring an impressive art style, a healthy dose of black comedy, and a unique central gameplay mechanic that looks like it could potentially lead to a nifty mix of genres, Haimrik does indeed look like one to look forward to, so keep an eye out for it when it comes to Steam in 2017.