Screenshot Saturday Featuring Trashomancer, Life is Hard, Eleven More

Screenshot Saturday happens every week at the obvious time but due to real-world scheduling issues will be going up on Screenshot Sunday from now on.  Sorry about that.  There’s still almost no limit on the weekly torrent of pictures and animated snippets of info on games in development, and this feature will stick with its format of picking out a dozen tweets plus a bonus image to showcase, it’s just going up a day later than before.  The other thing that’s always going to be the same is that you’re going to want to click on all the blue arrows that come your way, because those gifs and mini-videos are just waiting for their chance to show you what they can do.

Trashomancer-  As a trashomancer it’s your job to build little disposable heroes out of garbage and send them out into the world to do your bidding.  Of course, the problem with trash-based minions is you never know what kind of projectile you might get.

Bomber Crew-  Details are a little light on this one but it describes itself as “FTL in a WW2 bomber with a hint of Cannon Fodder”.  The actual game will be color, and the style in this shot is more for artistic effect.  It’s also got the cutest WWII airmen around, and their cute and numerous deaths at the hands of a combination of bad luck and worse decisions seems assured.

Scarf: Walking with Souls-  3D adventure game where you’re a snow-white little guy named Hyke with a bright red scarf that can transform into any number of useful items.  Most of what’s been shown so far is environmental exploration and the actions that let you explore it, but souls of the title can either help or hinder your journey.  Environments this nice make me look forward to seeing what the rest of it looks like.

Life is Hard-  Side-view village management game without any specific goal beyond what you set for yourself.  Conquer your neighbors, expand the village, build a wonder of the world, whatever.  Or maybe you can just have a couple of your guys take a bath together.

Exception-  Ultra-neon 2.5D action platformer with some of the niftiest transitions in level realignment around.

Impossible Bottles-  A scientist is working to bring the world a source of infinite energy by bringing golems to life.  This doesn’t go as planned, which can’t really be much of a surprise to anyone but person who thought it was a great idea, and now he’s got to solve a series of puzzles in order to prevent his creation from causing a global blackout.  As fantastic as this little animation is, check out the full-size version on the game’s web site.

Tenebrae: Twilight of the Gods-  Action-combat Metroidvania, except you’re not restricted to the 2D side-view plane.  Like an arcade brawler you can walk into and out of the screen, but it’s got full 3D combat so you’re not restricted to facing left or right.  The dungeons are procedurally generated from preconstructed rooms, and this animation shows off the smoothness with which you can explore some of the non-conventional layouts.

Runic: Legacy of Sin-  Another metroidvania set in a dark fantasy world.  This one has a combat system that’s focused on lightning-fast reactions and working the combos.  That backdash looks like a complete lifesaver.

Sinner’s Sorrow-  Mostly black-and-white adventure game that was announced just this week, and about as different from bitHuffel’s previous game Zenzizenzic as it could be.  It combines a little puzzle solving with combat, platforming, and a fantastic art style, but its release is going to be waaaaay off in the future.

Magnetta-  Very Megaman-styled side-scrolling action game with some nice character design.  Check out the way the robots claw their way out of the trash heap, and then start crawling towards her after getting their legs blown off.

Neofeud-  Cyberpunk adventure game where you’re an ex-cop living in The Pile, where the human and AI castoffs of a society only interested in the perfect or useful have dumped them.  There is, of course, a massive conspiracy involving the societal makeup and wouldn’t you know, it drags you right into its machinations.  Things seem like they might get a bit trippy along the way.

Neon Ultra-  Straight-up arcade twin-stick shooter with a whole lot of asteroids and other glowing vector hazards to blast into their component particles. It’s a well-known fact that you can never have too many of those.

Bonus Image-

The Secret of Grisly Manor-  Despite the impracticality of a robot made from a vacuum cleaner that somehow seems to specialize in using a feather duster, I could still use one of these guys around the place.  Hopefully it comes with a “find this thing I put down five minutes ago” attachment.