Humble Mobile Bundle 19 Now Available

An all-new Humble Mobile Bundle is available, bringing a wide variety of Android games to your phone at an affordable price point. For $1 or more, you can get Chameleon Run, Ys Chronicles II, and Hitman GO.  With that, you get a super-colorful runner, a unique take on the Hitman franchise, and an entry in a legendary action RPG franchise. Paying $6 or more gets you Dropsy, making its debut, and The Banner Saga. Dropsy is a point and click adventure game with a highly-detailed pixel art style and slapstick comedy thrown in to a dark storyline. Beating the average of about $5 gets you Punch Club, Super Stickman Golf 3’s premium edition, and any future games in this tier. With only $1 separating the maximum and BTA tiers, your best overall bet is to spend $6 to get everything.