New Watch Dogs 2 Behind-the-Scenes Video Features Marcus, Dedsec

Despite a quieter advertising campaign with Watch Dogs 2 compared to the original, Ubisoft has still regularly been releasing new glimpses at their newest open-world hacking game.

Case in point, a new behind-the-scenes video series has launched, entitled “Remote Access”, with the first episode giving viewers a peek at the new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, from the cast and crew developing the title. Originally raised in Oakland before heading off to the game’s central location, San Francisco, Marcus has a completely different personality from the original Watch Dogs’ Aiden Pearce, which is reflected both in Marcus’ new abilities and the less gritty atmosphere of the game as a whole. After being incorrectly profiled by the same technological system he ends up abusing, Marcus joins in with Dedsec, a diverse group of similarly minded hackers who aim to overthrow those who take advantage of CTOS for their own benefit. “We see the evolution of the group itself throughout the game, and it’s their sort of connection and journey together that drives the rest of the game forward”, explains scriptwriter Lucien Soulban.

Players can get their hands on Watch Dogs 2 when it releases November 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.