Survival Platformer SHINY Releasing Next Month

Publisher 1C Company have today unveiled the latest title in their steadily growing arsenal of upcoming indie titles. Developed by Garage227 Studios, SHINY is a 2D platformer with as much a focus on survival as it has on movement. Set in the far future on the all-but-doomed planet of Aurora — amidst its fateful collision course with the nearby sun — SHINY finds players taking control of sentient robot, Kramer 227. Their mission: to save as many of Kramer’s similarly artificial, similarly sentient comrades before the end comes. And, more importantly, saving themselves.

While SHINY boasts itself on its extensive twenty levels, the game will also require players to keep track of Kramer’s own vital signs, ensuring that the robotic protagonist is kept charged up at every opportunity. Every action in-game will use up Kramer’s internal power, so it’s crucial players make use of the many batteries scattered throughout one’s adventure or by recharging at any of a series of generators. SHINY will also be making an appearance at this year’s Gamescom so expect more info to come out of Cologne prior to the game’s release for both Xbox One & PC on August 31. Check out the game’s official announcement trailer below.