Wild Guns Reloaded Showcases New Characters in Latest Trailer

The last time we saw Wild Guns Reloaded, Natsume’s remaster of the cult Super Nintendo arcade shooter for the PS4, it was shaping up to be a faithful yet excellent version of the 16-bit classic. However, we had yet to see any of the two new characters that would be joining Annie and Clint in this update to help properly round out the new four-player mode. Today, however, a new trailer finally gives us a first look at who else is joining in on this sci-fi Wild West adventure.

As seen in the video below, the new characters are Dorris, a female heavyweight who attacks with a barrage of explosives and a pair of mechanical fists, and Bullet, a small dachsund-like dog that controls a flying drone that fires bullets and that can pick our canine friend up and move them around. They’re a pair of unique designs which work well with the game’s outlandish setup, adding some variety in both character selection and gameplay as well. Wild Guns Reloaded is due out this Fall, so you’ll get a chance to blow away countless robots with them later this year.