Screenshot Saturday Featuring Aerobat, Cloudbase Prime, Many Others

Screenshot Saturday can get a little out of hand some weeks.  Normally this feature trims the list down to a dozen entries plus a bonus image but this week got a little out of hand.  With a choice of trimming things down or just going for broke, the latter option seemed the way to go.  For one week only, here’s a super-sized helping of Screenshot Saturday goodness.

Rembloc: Defender of Earth-  There’s very little info on this but, judging from the rest of the pics on Twitter, it looks like a burly claymation cube walks the earth with its goat companion fighting Mayan death-bots.  When the baseline for in-game logic is a plumber who stomps the walking mushroom minions of a fire-breathing turtle, that scenario seems pretty normal.

Abatron-  Combo RTS/FPS where you can choose to play as much of one type as you’d like.  Remain a general or become a one-man war machine leaving the army to pick up your leftovers, Abatron is fine with either.  It also, apparently, comes with advanced demonic selfie-tech.

The Souls of Yore-  Lovely pixel-art action-RPG without a lot of translated info to work with.  It’s got a demo over here if you want to take a peek.

Cloudbase Prime-  Bouncy platformer/FPS where you’re a robot who shoots with one hand and raise or lower the hexagons making up the level’s floor with the other.  It’s also got robot bunnies that, much like their biological counterpart, are nature’s tasty popcorn-style snack food.

Akuto: Mad World-  Deadly multiplayer brawler with guns, bombs, and swords.  This is only a two-player encounter but the arena can get busy and bloody with the fallen bodies of your respawned opponents.  This particular move demonstrates what happens when Game confronts Cinematic, because every movie and anime I’ve ever seen says it’s necessary to linger several seconds on the face of each opponent in a split-screen close-up until one of them lets loose a surprised “Urk!” and keels over.

Epitasis-  Puzzle adventure where you’re lost in a series of islands connected by portals that hover in space.  It’s as early in development as it is pretty.

The Adventure Pals-  A young boy, the giraffe that lives in his backpack, and his pet rock set off on adventure after the diabolical Mr B, who has kidnapped his father.  It’s an adorably silly all-ages platformer that’s got a fun sense of humor, as evidenced by a dinosaur with a head of carrot, body of watermelon, and back spines made of cucumber.

Keel-Haul-  Asynchronous multiplayer game designed for three players to be pirates and the fourth to hunt them as the kraken.  The kraken has treasure and the pirates are all about ransacking it, so there’s a bit of dramatic tension between the forces.  The pirates need to work together to hunt the kraken but not too closely because betrayal is always imminent, while the kraken seeks to drag the ships down to a watery doom.

Desert Child-  Race on hover-bikes across the desert, shooting down all in your path, across the wasted remains of an Earth that’s seen better days.  This scene would appear to be the end of the world, which looks a lot more laid back than I’d have expected it to be.

Calculation-  Run the inputs through the modifiers to create the proper output.  What are the inputs, how do the modifiers effect them, and how do they combine to reach a desired output?  That’s a mystery that only trial and error will make clear, but like all good puzzlers there’s a solid internal logic that leads you from confusion to laying down advanced circuitry paths once you wrap your head around it.

Mountaineer-  Another game wrapped in mystery, Moutaineer appears to be about a man escaping his life by going on a mountain climbing adventure.  Whatever it ends up being, there’s some truly lovely low-poly design bringing its narrative to life.

Rym9k-  Hyperkinetic vertical shooter designed to make your eyes bleed all the colors of a glitchspace laser-rainbow.  There’s a demo coming along soon and yeah, it’s getting some attention when it hits.

Nimbatus-  Design and build your own drone and use the overwhelming might of its concentrated fire to tear the universe to shreds.  You explore in a turn-based format and take action as you can see here, ripping giant holes in anything in your path while trying to survive the mission.

Megasphere-  Side-scrolling action run & gun shooter in the heart of a derelict space station that’s so huge it’s blotting out the stars around the solar system.  Enemies are smart and tough, but break into lovely pixely shrapnel with particles flying everywhere.

Faceted Flight-  A flying game from the early (or earlier) days of VR, Faceted Flight disappeared for a while but recently resurfaced alive and kicking.  Its demo is still on Steam but long out of date with the consumer models of the VR headsets, but hopefully that will be remedied with the pending Early Access release.

Scoot-Scoot-  Scooter driving test made for a game jam.  Or possibly a traffic cone abuse simulator.  One of those two, if not both.

Moblets-  Adorable hybrid of Harvest Moon and Pokemon, still ultra-early in development but already sporting an art style that instantly invites you into its world.  Whatever it may turn into, this game has charm to spare.

Caretaker: Sacrifice- Somehow the universe is dead, which would take some doing based on the sheer size of the thing and amount of effort it takes to get from one side to the other but we’ll run with that for now.  As the last one left alive you get to explore the ship that seems to have caused the end of all things and maybe set it right as you fly around inside, fighting off its defenders.

Aerobat-  Side-scrolling shooter where you can either fly or shoot, but not both.  The ship tumbles through the air when shooting it’s overpowered laser, and zips around with grace and speed when you’re not on the verge of plummeting to your death due to trying to shoot everything at once.  Aerobat has looked fantastic in screens and animation for a good while now and will look even better on my monitor some day.

Bonus Image

The Rabbit & The Owl-  Anything with cover art like that gets looked at.  Book, movie, box of macaroni on the supermarket shelf, whatever.