Bethesda Gives Away Their Own Secrets in New Prey Trailer

Bethesda has combed through their most recent announcement trailer for Prey to uncover all of its hints and secrets.

The video points out that some of the aliens can turn into chairs to camouflage themselves, which is horrifying. Raphael Colantonio, the President and Creative Director at Arkane Studios, also noted something about the coffee cup (my guess, it’s an alien disguised as a coffee cup), but did not say much else.

Also notable is the fact that the game will be open-world, or open-space ship in this instance. It sounds like it could be in a Metroidvania style where you come back after you’ve acquired new equipment and things are now available to you. You’ll also be able to go into space, which is awesome.

Check the full video right here:

Prey will be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year.