Downwell Soundtrack Receiving Limited Edition Vinyl Release

Downwell is a retro title through and through, so it is only fitting that its original soundtrack be given a proper vinyl release.  Black Screen Records will be releasing the soundtrack as limited edition on audiophile 180g red vinyl.  The primary composer is Eirik Suhrke, whose resume of video game soundtrack contributions include Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Ridiculous Fishing, and Adventure Time:  The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom.  Two additional tracks composed by Ilkae (Aaron Munson) will also be included.  A contemporary element of the soundtrack is that includes a bandcamp code that allows the complete soundtrack to be downloaded in MP3 format so that it may be enjoyed on portable digital players, which is a nice bonus since bringing my turntable to the gym has never been convenient.  Additional information about this upcoming release can be found here.