FIFA Street-Inspired Metris Soccer Nets First Trailer, PC Release Date

With EA solely focusing on the core FIFA entries over the past four years, the opportunity for a new street-based soccer game is up for the taking. New indie studio Metris Code clearly saw this void, and hopes to seize their moment with their first title, Metris Soccer.

With a clearly-defined inspiration from FIFA Street, Metris Soccer aims to take players around the world with arcade-style 3v3 casual and ranked matches. By putting style at the forefront via tricks and taunts, Metris Soccer makes it clear that embarrassing your opponent is just as important as scoring on them. With unlockable player customization and dynamic tournaments, plus leagues and new experimental modes arriving post-launch, Metris Code’s premiere title could certainly find a home with more casual soccer fans.

With development having started last year, Metris Soccer will be launching on PC later this month on August 24, with plans for console releases later this year.