Hey, the Shipwrecked Expansion for Don’t Starve is Now on PS4!

So, this one slipped past. Originally announced for release this past spring, the release of the Shipwrecked expansion for the PlayStation 4 edition of Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve released yesterday to little fanfare. Truthfully, this news was only discovered by doing a quick check the PlayStation Blog store update post. While it was slipped onto the store late and without mention, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a worthwhile addition to the difficult but charming survival game.

The five dollar investment gets the player loads of new things to explore. Gamers controlling Wilson will need to deal with new biomes, creatures, and behaviors of seasons. There’s also ship building, ocean sailing, and all new recipes to learn and try. Don’t Starve was already a rather deep game with plenty of things to discover, this just adds to it. It also provides players who cheated and looked up an FAQ to make up for it, and enjoy the challenge as it was meant to be. This comes from personal experience: I was playing and having fun with the original version. Then I fell into the rabbit hole and looked up a couple of things, soon spoiling what was fun about it because I was greedy for information. I won’t make that mistake again.