Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls Promo Trailer Dropped

One doesn’t write for this site for being laid back and casual regarding their gaming, so some hyperbole needs to be forgiven from time to time. Even so, the new trailer for Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls makes the game look like it might be the best in the series. The general starter plot is series heroine, Neptune, has been sidelined due to a minor case of “being turned into a motorcycle.” As such, it falls to Idea Factory stand in, IF, to take the main role as she tries to save the world from a villain who is tampering with the world’s timeline using the Grand Library.

Iffy will not be alone. Series mainstays like Nepgear and a non-motorcycle Neptune will be joining in, along with new heroines based off of Sega’s consoles. To save the world, the group must travel through time to set the correct series of events back in place. The game itself looks to use the standard “Whateverdimension” engine and assets that have been seen across the the series brands. This time, though, the story will branch depending on how the player proceeds with the game. This, combined with the trademark style of silliness that Neptune, Plutia, and so on are known for undergoing, it looks like Idea Factory and Compile Hearts will have another solid entry. The game will be releasing in the West this fall on PlayStation Vita. In the meantime, the trailer can be seen below.