Reigns To Take the Throne on August 11

Sometimes, the simplest concepts can make for the most addictive games, a philosophy that developers Nerial look to have in mind with Reigns, their new game where you manage a kingdom by swiping left and right through a collection of hundreds of cards. And it looks like we’ll get to see just how addictive it may be quite soon, as Reigns is now set to come out next week on August 11 for iOS, Android, and PC.

To get you prepared for the launch, publisher Devolver Digital has released a video showcasing five minutes of gameplay which you can view below, going through three different rulers. Games are apparently quite quick, which should make for an ideal title to play in your spare time on the go (or at your computer, if you choose the PC version). Reigns will be available on Google Play, the App Store, and Steam for only $2.99, so if you’re looking for a unique game on a budget, you may want to check this out.