Summoners Fantasy is a Mobile Card Game Out Next Week

Sporting a logo that JRPG fans may find oddly familiar, Summoners Fantasy is a battle grid card game for iOS. Players are Summoners who duel each other across the land for the right to become the next God-beating, Demon-sealing Master Summoner. The game itself sees players placing cards adjacent to other cards to attack them. Each card has four numbers to represent strength, so the car with a higher strength value prevails from the bout and converts the enemy card over to the player team.

Summoners Fantasy features four differing game modes – each with different modifications. There’s Normal mode for starters, which is the standard mode where players compete for ownership of the battlefield. The Veil mode hides the strength values of cards on the battlefield, so players need to attack them to know their strength. Elements mode adds buffing or debuffing elemental effects to the battlefield. Finally, Engaged mode makes cards automatically attack their adjacent cards. In other words, smart card placement on the field is paramount to success. The four numbers on a card represent their strength on the relevant side of that card. Players can sell unneeded cards for Essence for powering up their favorite cards. Cards can also be combined or buffed with Gems and Runes.

See the trailer for Summoners Fantasy below. Summoners Fantasy is free on the App Store on August 11.