Sony Schedules PlayStation Meeting for September 7

Sony has scheduled a PlayStation Meeting for September 7, though declines to discuss what it will be about.

Sony began sending out invites today for a PlayStation Meeting on September 7. The event will take place in New York at the PlayStation Theater at 3pm ET. Other than a location and time, Sony are being very vague. This is all that’s included with the invitation:

“We hope to see you there, and we can’t wait to share details with you about the PlayStation business.”

While Sony may be vague, many expect the company to formally announce PlayStation 4 NEO. A rumor began circulating yesterday that Sony would host an event September 7 in New York to announce the PS4 NEO. Half of the rumor has come true so far, and the second half could be true as well. Considering that another rumor suggests the NEO will launch October 13 alongside the PS VR, it’s about time that Sony makes a formal announcement.

Be sure to check back with Hardcore Gamer on September 7 to see what Sony reveals.