Mother Russia Bleeds Gets Release Date, New Gameplay Trailer

Do we need more old-school 16-bit beat-’em-ups, deliberately over-the-top and ultraviolent games, and stories set in an alternate history U.S.S.R.? Well, they could never hurt, and in cases like Le Cartel and Devolver Digital’s Mother Russia Bleeds, it’s highly welcome when the final product is shaping up quite nicely. And after some impressive showings at various gaming events such as E3, a release date of September 5 was finally announced for the game today.

With this announcement comes a new gameplay trailer, which you can view below. All you really need to know is that at one point, you fight a mohawked bear in a death pit while wielding a girder. Well, that and the fact that the soundtrack is incredible. Mother Russia Bleeds will come out for PC, Mac, and Linux on September 5, and for the PS4 later in Fall 2016. Hopefully the final product is just as insane as what we’ve seen so far, while still providing a solid brawler.