Unbox Shipping This September

Unbox has been on our watchlist for some time and now UK-based developer Prospect Games have, at last, confirmed the release date for their box-based 3D adventure-platformer. Available first on PC, Unbox will be available via Steam on September 7; though the game has been previously announced for consoles too on PS4 & Xbox One though, the game’s official website doesn’t appear to have any listings for either Sony’s or Microsoft’s consoles, implying Unbox will now be a PC only title.

For those not in the know, Unbox is a colorfully vibrant 3D platformer where you play as a customizable box. The story of Unbox — of which will feature in a full single-player “campaign” mode, centres around a struggling postal service with the intent to take down a devious group of Boss-style box characters. The game will also feature a local multiplayer mode complete with both Battle Royale-style face-off’s and race-to-the-finish courses. You can check out the latest trailer of the game below.