Gambitious to Help Publish Submarine Adventure Game Diluvion, Out This Fall

After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, developers Arachnid Games have been steadily working on their deep sea exploration game Diluvion, and now they’ve received a helping hand in getting the game released courtesy of Gambitious Digital Entertainment, who will be publishing the game. Accompanying this announcement is a new trailer for the game, seen below, showing off more of the watery world players can explore when the game comes out this Fall.

Taking place after a gigantic flood has ravaged the Earth, followed by a permanent layer of ice, Diluvion sees you managing a submarine in search of this world’s loot and secrets, switching from 3D action and underwater combat to 2D simulation, management, and narrative elements when needed. Arachnid Games has said that the game is inspired by the works of Jules Verne and classic PC games like Wing Commander and Freelancer, and while it definitely shows, that’s a pretty high bar to set. Can Diluvion reach the heights set by its inspirations? We’ll find out this Fall when the steampunk sub game hits the PC.