Meet the Heroines of MeiQ in Opening Cinematic to Celebrate Today’s Launch

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death is a new dungeon crawling role-playing game full of babes and mechs. The game synopsis will practically sell itself but if you’re more of a visual person you’ll be happy to hear the opening cinematic has been presented to us. Check out the anime intro and new screenshots below!

The trailer features the full cast of Machina Mages wielding elemental energies and striking elegant poses. There’s Estra of the Earth, Flare of the Fire, Connie of the Wood, Maki of the Metal, Setia of the Water and a brief glimpse at the villains you’ll encounter. Customize your team and augment their mechs in an immensely customizable JRPG on your quest to wind the Planet Key.

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death launches physically and digitally on PlayStation Vita today.