Mad Catz Announces New and Improved RAT Gaming Mice

Since 2010, Mad Catz Interactive’s line of adjustable and customizable RAT wireless gaming mice have garnered some pretty good reviews from press and gamers alike, so this now begs the question of whether or not the company can actually top what they already have. Enter the new mange of RAT mice, consisting of the RAT 1, RAT 4, RAT 6, RAT 8, RAT PRO S+, and RAT PRO X+, announced recently.

In addition to the aforementioned customization options, Dynamic Ergonomics enhancements, and Kameleon RGB illumination, these upcoming RAT models will have newly-installed sensors and button configurations, along with the new FLUX Software Interface, meant to fine-tune things even further and contribute to each unique player’s preferred setup. We’ll get a chance to see if any of these new additions truly improve the game experience even further when the new RAT mice ship later this year, expected to come out by the 2016 holiday season. For now, you can compare specs between models at the official site.