LCS Quarterfinals Day 1

The playoffs are finally here and today we’ve got some pretty good matchups ahead. For the sake of killing less virtual trees both EU and NA will be in these articles until scheduling mucks that up.

We’ll kick things off in the EU and our first match will be Giants vs Unicorns of Love. Giants are the favorite here finishing the season in the number three spot while UOL took the number 6. Unfortunately for both teams this will be a BO5 basically negating the BO2’s they werer doing all split. That probably messed quite a few rankings up as the majority of the season we saw a lot of ties.

For both UOL and Giants this split started out pretty rough with things going slightly better for Giants at the end than UOL. They both took out some of the best and lost to some of the worst, but that was more the nature of the BO2 than anything else. On paper this game is incredibly even and should go to five games. In the end I’m going to root for the upset and take UOL over Giants as I believe they picked up more during the end of the split. Not to say Giants haven’t but I thinks things are really going UOL’s way and hopefully that continues today.

  • UOL vs Giants (3-2 UOL)

In NA we have the one of the members of the old guard taking on a much fresher face. Cloud9 vs EnVy should be a great match as well, but I feel the obvious nod goes to C9. Not only have they been pretty consistent all season, but C9 is a team you just don’t bet against. While this isn’t the Hai led team of the past they’ve shown they know how to play together and play the game well overall. EnVy have shown that as well, but towards the middle to end of the split things started to fizzle out. It came to the point where each week they were fighting to stay in contention for the playoffs. I think EnVy can take one game off of C9, but C9 should win and move on to the next round. They’ve just demonstrated that they are a very very good team.

  • C9 vs EnVy (3-1 C9)

As always you can watch the games here. EU starts at 10 a.m. while NA kicks off right after that. Riot will also be doing the feature camera again for each match, so be sure to check out the other channel if you want to get a close-up on the high profile matchup happening in each game.