Screenshot Saturday Featuring Antraxx, Pantsu Harvest, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is always packed to the gills with amazing things.  Usually, though, it doesn’t fall the day after a major game release that wants to eat my brain plus every hour in the day, so this week might be a little less packed than the last couple.  There’s still plenty to see, of course, because each week is overwhelmingly stuffed with a fantastic selection of new and familiar games, but pretty-shiny distractions abound in the world.  As usual, though, the images are only as fun as you let them be, so don’t forget to let the animated ones animate.

One More Jump-  Semi-sequel to the excellent One More Line.  Hop like a happy little square that can’t stop moving forward but also has a slightly confused approach to how gravity is supposed to work.

Moblets-  A cute fusion of Harvest Moon and Pokemon where you grow crops, run a store, train and fight monsters, and explore areas that are looking better with every new screenshot and animation.  The colors and design of this town scene are just fantastic.

Thick Air-  Drone racer that just popped up on Greenlight this week.  Take to the skies in small aircraft guided by their own AI as they zip through the remains of the world people left behind.  This looks to be a pure racer, or at least no weapons are shown in the videos or mentioned in the game description, and the various ships having their own upgradeable stats covering speed, handling, and other racing functions.

Antraxx-  Arcade-action free-to-play pixel-art mech shooter with fantastically detailed art.  The big mechs are made from a number of pieces that can be upgraded and swapped out to make your own custom creation, and then taken into battle in support of your faction as it fights for dominance against others doing the same.  It’s war, and war never changes, but it does look awfully nice in pixel art.

Fimbul-  No idea, because as the tweet implies there’s nothing shared yet, but with a presentation like this it’s worth looking forward to finding out more.

Outcast: Second Contact-  While the title makes it sound like a sequel, it’s actually the original remade and updated.  The Kickstarter campaign may not have paid off but persistent work has, and soon the lost action/adventure will get a chance to show a new generation (literally, seeing as it’s 17 years old) why so many people remember it so strongly.

Spaceman Sparkles 3D- While this game has been out for several months, non-Early-Access, it’s got some major changes coming up that will completely redefine how it’s played.  Still colorful, fast, and shooty, though, but maybe it’s better if it becomes it’s own release?  Whatever it becomes, there’s some smooth, fast, and super-stylish shooting in there.

The First Tree-  A beautiful game about coming to terms tragedy told from the perspective of a couple following the journey of a fox that’s lost its cubs.  With its children dead the fox journeys to a legendary tree for reasons unknown.  The loss of its family doesn’t prevent the world from being filled with many natural wonders along the way.

Wayward Sky- “Look and click” VR adventure game for the PS VR that uses the Move controllers to have the players direct the action and solve puzzles.  A young pilot discovers a flying city in the skies and somehow doesn’t immediately name it Laputa.  With her plane broken and father missing, Bess sets out to explore the city and solve its mysteries along the way.

Maximum Car-  If Sega had made Burnout with weapons on Model 2 hardware it would look something like this.  Somehow this is a mobile-only game, which will hopefully be corrected at the earliest opportunity.

Pantsu Harvest-  Super-clever puzzle platformer where a little witch collects panties.  She’s probably got a good reason, or a reason that we can pretend sounds good.  It’s worth a little justification for levels with the kind requiring the kind of clever use of the tools shown here.  There’s a demo last updated in May over at

Lost Signal-  Pinballs don’t often get the chance to unravel the ancient mysteries of a forgotten world, what with being batted around by flippers all the time, but this one has escape the confines of its table and gone exploring into the great unknown.  There’s not a lot of info on this one yet, seeing as it just popped up today, but it’s certainly an attention-grabber.

OTOT-  Another game making its debut today, the only information on OTOT is in this one single tweet.  Based on the map you can make a few assumptions, though.  Of the three bots in the upper-left, the tiniest would be the only one that can fit into the facility below.  Unless all three of the human-sized bots are guards, in which case the player character hasn’t been shown.  Whatever this may turn out to be, it should be fun to learn its mysteries as they’re revealed.

Vox Machinae-  Cinematic view of a VR mech pilot game.  Big and heavy or light and maneuverable, each mech is fully capable of tearing the enemy to pieces if it can get a lock on its weak points and take out a few systems.  It may not be required to say “Chung chung, chung chung! Magitek Armor!” each time you sit in the cockpit, but how could anyone resist?

Bonus Image:

Bicyclism EP- You may not know your bike has a drug problem until it’s too late.  Learn to read the signs, and get it the help it needs before it’s too late.