Latest Mafia III Trailer Showcases a Heist Gone Wrong

2K Games and Hangar 13 have released a new trailer for Mafia III to celebrate the beginning of Gamescom 2016.

The trailer is titled ‘The Heist’ and contains spoilers about the beginning of the game. If you want to go into the game knowing as little as possible we suggest you back away now. Still here? Well read on.

‘The Heist’ gives us a look at protagonist Lincoln Clay working with the Italian Mob to rob the Federal Reserve. They’re successful, but the Italian Mob doesn’t feel like sharing all that money and ends up double-crossing Clay and his squad. The events portrayed in the trailer are likely the inciting incidents that send Clay on the path of revenge. The trailer also gives us a quick look at the nightlife of New Bordeaux, which appears to be quite lively.

Mafia III is out October 7 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.