New FIFA 17 Trailer Shows off Series’ Transition to Frostbite Engine

As is becoming the trend more and more these days with EA titles, the latest entry in the internationally popular FIFA series is making the move to EA’s flagship engine, Frostbite.

With a greater focus on new skill moves and celebrations, the trailer below shows off a sampling of the new animations making their way to FIFA 17. During a live interview at Gamescom, several key members of the FIFA development team also discussed new features making their way into some of the game’s popular modes, including Squad Building Challenges, a new aspect of the Football Ultimate Team mode that offers short management puzzles to increase various aspects of one’s team. EA also detailed some new competitive elements within FUT, now referred to as FUT Champions, with a greater focus on short-period tournaments to keep players returning over the weeks and months after launch, and some new “Legends” players available to be earned within the mode.

Soccer fans don’t have long to wait for FIFA 17, which arrives on September 27 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.