Destiny to Get Private Matches and More with Rise of Iron

A slew of new details were revealed today at Gamescom for Destiny’s next expansion, Rise of Iron. A video documentary (seen below) and a live show where Bungie Community Manager, Deej, got together with some of the developers to talk about it all.

The biggest thing to come out of the reveal is private matches. You’ll be able to collect a group of friends and create your own PvP matches in your own little party. Players can also change the rules of the game, as well as other variables. Map, mode, score, vehicles, time of day, and whether your Light level plays a part in it all. The lack of private matches has been one of the big complaints about Destiny, and now it is finally being remedied.

That won’t be the only new thing to do in the Crucible, though. Rise of Iron will also add three new maps (four on PlayStation) and one new mode.  Supremacy, the new game mode, works pretty much identically to Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed. Instead of picking up dog tags, Guardians will pick up their prey’s “crests.” This is how you will score points in the new mode, and picking up your fallen teammates’ crests will deny the enemy team those points. Supremacy will force players to move around the map more, creating a frantic game. The mode for the first Iron Banner in Rise of Iron will be Supremacy.

A new Strike, called The Wretched Eye, will take you on a new quest to fight Fallen enemies, but they will be consumed by the SIVA nanotechnology. The boss is two fold, with a Fallen captain that has taken the eye of a Ogre and attached it to his rifle, making him an extremely mobile and deadly enemy. The Ogre then blindly swings about the arena, trying to smash you with his fists. For now, this is all we know of the strike, but expect to hear more very soon. A couple old strikes will also be getting a new Rise of Iron remodel.

We know even less about the new raid. It is called Wrath of the Machine, which will feature a Fallen war Zamboni that pushes you off the City’s wall. It is apparently tight and claustrophobic as you climb through the wall, and opens up to a view of the City and Old Russia when you reach the top.

The Archon’s Forge will be a new cooperative challenge in the Plaguelands, and it will be much akin to the Court of Oryx from The Taken King, but will a new aesthetic and vibe. Rise of Iron’s game director, Christopher Barrett described it as having a “Mad Max, Thunderdome kind of feel.” You’ll also be able to swing around a huge, fiery axe, so that will be cool.

Artifacts will also be a small new addition in the expansion, which will essentially be another layer of customization for the player. They are representations of each of the Iron Lords, and they give you various abilities, like being able to see when an enemy is almost dead, or if their super is ready.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20. Wrath of the Machine will then launch that Friday, September 23. As Gamescom is sure to reveal more, stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer to keep up on all things Destiny.