New Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Features Countless Zombies, Blanka Mask

For those of us that believe nothing says Christmas spirit like putting a stick of dynamite in a zombie’s head, the new Dead Rising 4 gameplay below from Gamescom should satisfy those desires in excess.

Introducing quite a few new zany weapons, this latest glimpse of Capcom’s latest entry in their ridiculous zombie-killing series shows off returning hero Frank West’s new mech suit, which offers plenty of ways to demolish numerous undeads. Additionally, Dead Rising 4 continues the trend of referencing other Capcom franchises with their over-the-top weapons, with past titles including allusions to Street Fighter and Mega Man.

Dead Rising 4 shambles its way to Xbox One and PC on December 6, although previous comments from Capcom seem to indicate it may arrive on PS4 sometime afterwards.