Throw Your Kid Off a Cliff in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is still only available via Japan’s arcade scene, but information regarding the console versions is still coming. This time we have knowledge on Tekken 7’s story mode. The mode will be hours long and will retell lore from previous Tekken games, notably which includes the time that Heihachi dropped his five year-old son, Kazuya, off a cliff.  A youthful version of Kazuya will be in Tekken 7’s story mode, but it is not known yet if he will be playable or not.

Outside of the Mishima family it has been revealed that Claudio is the head of a secret exorcism group known as The Archers of Sirius. His group had been approached by Heihachi’s Mishima Zaibatsu several times and Claudio decides to investigate the motives behind the corporation. A new stage was also shown off today that looks similar to what one would see in a Soul Calibur title. A trailer showcasing Lee Chaolan was also dropped today which you can view here.

Tekken 7 is due for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.