Head Downstream for Adventure in Riverbond’s Reveal Trailer

The river runs through a dying world but maybe its path holds a clue to salvation.  Riverbond was announced today as an action adventure through a land that’s seen better days, and it’s a brightly-colored voxelized trip through destructible terrain threatened by super-cute enemies.  Just look at the little pig-creatures getting a beat-down around 0:18, or the weird buck-toothed… rabbits? at 0:30.  It’s hard to take the danger seriously when it’s kind of adorable, but seeing as the creatures stand between you and the riverworld’s survival they’re going to have to go.

Riverbond has just been announced with only the tiniest scraps of information (at its official site) available as yet, but it will be at the PAX West show floor September 2-5.  Current plans call for a 2017 release, but we’ll see how that works out.  Right now, though, Riverbond looks like a pretty action-adventure romp through a voxel world that breaks apart nicely into its component cubes as you swing an oversized sword into a pile of monsters.  Whatever part of its launch-year window it lands in, that’s something worth looking forward to.