tinyBuild Announces Spin-Off Simulation Game Party Hard Tycoon

tinyBuild and developers Pinokl Games have been quite committed to their neon-coated mass-murdering stealth game Party Hard ever since its release last year. First came the free Afterparty expansion, then came the level editor with Steam Workshop integration, and releases for consoles and mobile devices. But we certainly didn’t expect to see an entirely new spin-off game coming, yet that is what we will be receiving with the announcement of Party Hard Tycoon, a brand new simulation game in the same universe.

As seen in the announcement trailer below, Party Hard Tycoon has you in charge of a nightclub, where you have to craft different types of epic parties by making sure to select the correct combinations of themes, entertainment, layout, booze, et cetera. No word yet if you’ll have to deal with a knife-wielding psychopath as an obstacle or not, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. But will Party Hard Tycoon have what it takes to put a fun spin on the franchise? Well, you can play it right now at Gamescom, or check it out when it comes to PAX West, or even sign up for the game’s Alpha test if you’d like to judge for yourself. Hopefully it ends up being the equivalent of a rather epic rave indeed.