Check Out Nine Minutes of ELEX in New Gameplay Demo

If you’re unfamiliar with World of Piranha Bytes’ RPG ELEX, then you’re not necessarily someone who is totally out of the loop. Still, the idea of combining the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi makes for an awesome foundation for a video game, at least in theory. Thanks to nine new minutes of gameplay shown off at Gamescom, we can see that the reality of this mash-up is interesting enough to warrant checking out.

What makes ELEX particularly interesting is that it’s arguably the biggest release set to be published by THQ Nordic. Last week, Nordic Games changed its name to THQ Nordic in hopes of restoring a number of acquired THQ franchises (including Darksiders and Red Faction) to their former glory.

ELEX is currently slated for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.