Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers To Hit in November

Despite living in what some have actually called a new golden age of animation, with several well-written cartoons on the airwaves, we have yet to come up with any video games that really do them justice (with the exception being the superb mobile RPG Steven Universe: Attack the Light, which comes highly recommended). Hopefully this will be remedied when Cartoon Network gathers a roster of some of its most famous stars right now for the crossover beat-’em-up Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers, due out this November.

After Uncle Grandpa’s RV causes a tear in the universe and brings together various threats from each world, it’s up to Steven Universe, Finn and Jake, Gumball, Mordecai and Rigby, Clarence, and the aforementioned Uncle Grandpa to fend them off, all of whom will be playable characters (with the Adventure Time and Regular Show duos each serving as one character) for up to four players to command in single-player or local co-op play. About the only notable Cartoon Network show missing is We Bare Bears, though one can only assume that this is because a playable Ice Bear would be a major game breaker who can end the game in about fifteen minutes.

So will this ode to current cartoons and the likes of Final Fight and Double Dragon be a success? You can check out the announcement trailer below and judge for yourself at the moment, but seeing as how even WayForward have stumbled in working with these shows, one may want to be wary. But if you want to wait and check out the finished product, Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is due out in November for the PS4, Xbox One, and 3DS (with multiplayer absent from the latter, sadly).