LCS Coaches of the Summer Split

The coaches of the split have been revealed and after the split these two teams have had they were the obvious choices.

Splyce Head Coach YamatoCannon

In the EU LCS Splyce head coach YamatoCannon wins the award ahead of G2’s Youngbuch and H2K’s Pr0lly. Splyce ended the split in second place, but last split they were almost relegated and part of the EU CS. Instead they got things together to not only stay in the LCS, but to take themselves to the top of it. Now they have a first round bye and the best dressed coach in the EU LCS has a flashy trophy to go with it.

Team SoloMid Head Coach Parth

In the NA LCS TSM’s Parth takes the coach of the split award over Cloud9’s Reapered and CLG’s Zikzlol. With their newest addition in Biofrost TSM finished in the top spot of the NA LCS, but that’s not exactly why they won it. Last split they finished in second place, but this split it’s how they finished that won Parth the award. TSM didn’t just win matches, they look completely unstoppable. Boasting a record of 17-1 with most of those wins being 2-0 sweeps in the BO3 series introduced this split.

Hats off to both YamatoCannon and Parth for the great job and incredible splits. You can view their acceptance video’s below their respective sections.